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După cum unii dintre voi știți, anul acesta vom scoate la teste o serie de plăci de snowboard despre care puteți citi mai multe pe

Lumea a fost atît de înnebunită după designurile cu haiduci (citește mai jos motivarea alegerii haducilor) încît am hotărît să scoatem o serie limitată de  100 de tricouri cu designurile celor trei plăci: Pintea Viteazul, Toma Alimoș și Iancu Jianu.



Tricou de barbati din bumbac organic

Single Jersey
100% bumbac organic ring-spun
Bumbac de 140 de grame
Personalizare prin print digital DTG (direct-in-tesatura)




"Snowboarding was from the very beginning an activity for the renegades. An activity for people with little love for the establishment. A lifestyle for the non-square people. Speaking of squares, snowboarding was always about telling a story, not about math. It’s not always about the theory of R&D, but rather about the practice of a live movement.

This year we celebrate the 100th anniverssary of the official release of the Romanian modern State. History is not only about the establishment, politicians, or whatever. It’s also about the guys who let us their true stories, the renegades, the outlaws. We almost never remember names of politicians, but we always remember the stories about the renegades.

For the first instalment of Reghin Snowboards we choose to pay an homage to our romanian renegades. Each board took the name of an outlaw from our historic provinces: Toma Alimoș for Moldavia, Pintea Viteazu for Transylvania and Iancu Jianu for Wallachia.

For the current season we will only have a few boards for testing out there. Preorder will soon be available for the 2019-2020 season. Check our website for updates.

Thanks to our illustrators Cristian Darstar (art) & Andrei Tabacaru (colours)"